The Two of Cups Tarot Card – Review Your Relationships

should show the Tarot Card The Two of Cups


The Two of Cups Tarot card is the second card in the Cups suit. In the Rider-Wait Deck it depicts a man and a woman standing face to face, each holding a golden cup as seen here.

Hermes’ caduceus is a symbol of communication, exchange and trade. It hovers between the two while a lion’s head hangs above. This, most likely symbolizes the fiery energy and passion that they share.

This Tarot card, in a reading, can tell you to examine the connections in your life. Below are some inspiring interpretations.

The Two of Cups Love Meaning

As a Two of Cups love interpretation, this card symbolizes partnership. But – while it is represented by two lovers, it does not always signify romantic partnership.

The nature of the union may or may not be determined by the other cards in a reading.

One thing is clear, the Two of Cups Tarot card is pointing to a partnership that is very powerful and deep. It is one that can have a large impact on your life.

The Two of Cups Tarot Card -Upright

The Two of Cups in the Past Position

In general, when the 2 of Cups shows up in the past placement, it is telling you to look at a past relationship. The past position in a reading is usually indicating past relationships and what effects they have had on you.

It could also be pointing to a recent partnership you entered. If this is so, you can count on this relationship to be a long lasting and rewarding one.

The Tarot card in the Present Position

The Two of Cups Tarot card, when found in a present position, can signify reconciliation or a reunion of some sort.

It could mean that a new and important bond or partnership is being formed in your life. You should go ahead and take your relationship to the next level!

If you are unattached, you should examine your existing interactions and friendships for a potentially lifelong relationship.

The Card in the Future Position

The Two of Cups Love Interpretation

If you are currently in a relationship, this card may signify that your relationship is ready to go to the next level. And that it is a relationship that will stand the test of time.

Single? It could be foretelling a new relationship on the horizon.

In this placement the 2 of Cups means ‘yes’ to any questions regarding mending relationships or the nature of relationships, especially romantic ones.

The Two of Cups Reversed – Disharmony

should show the Two of Cups reversed

Is the Two of Cups reversed, it symbolizes disharmony or an unequal balance of energies in a relationship. It could also warn you of dishonesty.

The Two of Cups Reversed in the Past Position

In a past placement this card can symbolize the collapsing of a once close and possibly intimate relationship.

It can signify over-attachment or co-dependency. When reversed, it also points to imbalances in friendships or partnerships of any type.

If you are single and looking, the Two of Cups love aspect could imply that something is holding you back and preventing you from investing in new friendships and relationships.

It may be a cue to examine past relationships, specifically romantic ones. In that way you will pay attention to negative patterns that arise. So you can act the next time instead to only react.

The 2 of Cups Reversed in the Present Position

The Two of Cups Love Aspects

This could be saying that you are experiencing a lack of communication in your current relationship.

A possible warning to be more open and direct with your thoughts and feelings lest there be an unfortunate outcome. It could also suggest abuse or control within a relationship.

If you’re single, this could mean that you are letting other peoples needs come before your own. The 2 of Cups Tarot card advises self-care first.

Or it could mean you will miss an opportunity for an amazing relationship if you don’t speak up and talk to that guy you’ve had your eye on.

The Two of Cups Reversed in the Future Position

The Two of Cups Reversed Love Meaning

This could be a warning that a relationship is at risk of coming to an end unless you do some work on it.

The Two of Cups Tarot card could also be telling you that a current relationship will reveal itself to be not all that it promised to be in your life.

If you are single this card could be a warning to take caution when entering into close relationships, not everyone is what they seem to be.

The Tarot Card in a Reading

When the 2 of Cups appears in a reading along with the Lovers Tarot card, it is a good sign. The Lovers card is a strong indicator that your soulmate is present in your life right now. When coupled with the Two of Cups means that the relationship is quickly moving to the next level.

When it appears with the Devil, the 2 of Cups could be pointing to the death of a close relationship.

If the Tarot card is found in combination with the Three of Swords it can point to quarrels or disagreements in a relationship.

Of course, these are just interpretations. For more detailed advice and more interpretation, a experience might be helpful.