The Tower Tarot Card 16 – Wake-Up Call and Turmoil

The Tower is a Tarot card most commonly used in Italian-suited decks. A common image of the card is the Rider-Waite Deck – see also here . It has a long history of being included in the Tarot tradition, with some forms of this card going all the way back to the 15th century.

Like with many Tarot cards, the Tower’s meaning can change based on context and which cards are associated with it.

An image of the Tarot card The Tower

Interpretations of the Tower Tarot Card

There are many different ways to read the card depending on the context. The Tower as feelings can show a great impact in one’s life. Here are some common interpretations.

Upright Meanings of the Tower

The Tower card represents big changes to one’s life. If you draw this card, it is apparent that you have to resolve a previous issue if you want to effectively move forward. You may have a sudden Though it can be negative, resolving a past issue can also be an opportunity for growth!

Upright Meanings of the Tower Tarot Card for the Past

The Tower as Feelings in Regard to a Partnership

When in a Relationship

Before feeling comfortable in a relationship, it’s important to acknowledge that you might have unresolved tension from previous ones. If the Tower card appears in this position, there might be something you need to resolve before you can fully commit to your new relationship.

When Single

The Tower Tarot love aspect might point to some unresolved tension from a previous relationship. This might also mean that there is potential for an ex to fall in love with you again!

More in General

If you encounter the Tower card in general, it means that your past is unresolved. To figure out which aspect of your past needs to be dealt with, it’s important to honestly answer the first topic that comes to mind.

Upright Meanings of the Tower Tarot Card for the Present

When in a Relationship

The Tower Tarot love aspect could show that something big is about to happen to your relationship. It is often a good thing, so be optimistic!

As a Single

When viewed in the present position, this card might mean that you are about to experience a big change in your romantic life!

Upright Meanings of the Tower Tarot Card for the Present More in General

The Tower is often an example of abrupt and sudden changes, often dealing with helping the person in question advance to the next stage in their life.

Upright Meanings of the Tower Tarot Card for the Future

The Tower Tarot Love Meanings

When in a Relationship

If you see the card in this position, it is likely that you already know what is changing in your life. The aspect of the Tower as feelings may show you that it is the right time to trust your instincts.

As a Single

If you see the Tower Tarot Card in this position, you’re at the beginning of what will become a very significant relationship or endeavor in your life.

Upright Meanings as a Card for the Future More in General

Upright meanings for the Tower in the future signify that change will continue to happen whether you like it or not. These situations typically reveal themselves through inspiring the individual’s instinct. So it’s important to properly reflect on what you might want in your life.

The Tower Reversed

An image of the Tarot Card The Tower inversed

In General

Because the Tower represents change, a reversed position indicates unresolved tension that might not be positive for the user.

The Tower Reversed in the Past Position

The Tower as Feelings in Regard to a Partnership

When in a Relationship

If somebody is in a relationship and sees a reversed Tower Tarot card, it can mean that they might not be in a healthy relationship and that they have to return to a past dynamic.

When You are Single

If you see the Tower reversed while single, it might mean that you made a mistake by causing tension in a past relationship.

More in General

Though reversed meanings are often associated with negativity, they don’t have to be. More often than not, reversed cards are opportunities for growth!

Meanings as a Card Reversed for the Present

The Tower Tarot Love Challenges

When in a Relationship

Those who see the Tower card as a reversed card while in a relationship are in for a challenging time. This does not mean negative, though. You may be going through a life-changing time.

As a Single

If you see the Tower reversed while single, it means that you have unresolved tension in the present that might be worth leaving behind. This will open you doors for new opportunities.

Reversed Meanings More in General

Seeing the Tower reversed in the present generally means that there are unhealthy dynamics in one’s life that can be replaced with better ones.

The Tower Tarot Meaning Reversed for the Future

When in a Relationship

The Tower Tarot love meanings in this position could tell you to be careful of any tension that is on the horizon.

When you are Single

You should trust your instinct, as it often means that you were right about the issue in your life that could possibly go wrong.

The Tower Reversed More in General

In general, reversed meanings of the Tower represent an impending challenge.

The Tower Tarot Card Regarding Other Cards

The Tower card always reflects some type of big change, so you should apply this change to any card that it is paired with.

For example, if the Tower is chosen with the Sun card, it means that the positivity induced by the Sun card will soon be changing in some way. This principle can be applied to all cards as well.

Some other interesting aspects of the Tarot 16 Number

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