The Sun Tarot Card – Always Joy …or a painful Struggle?

An image of the Tarot card The Sun

The Sun Tarot card, 19th in the Major Arcana, means attainment and knowledge. It is also the return of innocence and childish joy. Its imagery is idealistic and positive. In the Rider-Waite Tarot deck like here, it depicts a small child riding a white horse. The sun is gazing down benevolently. A field of flowers blossoms in the background. The child waves a red flag as he rides. This can present renewal and triumph over one’s subconscious fears. Here are some common interpretations that might be helpful for you.

The Sun Tarot Card Meaning in the Upright Position

General Meaning

Those images all add up to positive associations in the upright position.

In a career or general life context, the Sun Tarot card means that you have been through a time of great success, monetarily or otherwise. Whatever your current situation may be, you have a strong and healthy foundation laid in your past.

The Sun Tarot Card in the Past Position

The Sun Tarot Love Aspects

When doing a card draw on relationships, seeing the Sun Tarot card in the past might mean the relationship was a good one, filled with trust and harmony.

When You are Single

You may have been taking time for self-care and reflection, with time spent sending your energy to loved ones but not in a romantic way.

The Sun Tarot Card Meaning in the Present Position

The Sun Tarot Love Meaning

For the present, the Sun card in the upright position indicates that things are going well now. If you are wondering about your relationship, then the most common interpretation is that the relationship is on solid ground. You feel you can communicate effectively.

When You are Single

It may be saying you are optimistic about your life. You feel confident that your ideal partner is just around the corner.

In General

Likewise, the upright Sun Tarot card is a good sign for all other aspects of your life.

Financially, you may be starting to see the benefits of a long period of hard work. Maybe it is a raise or a promotion. Maybe you have started a new career path that is going to be much more fulfilling.

No matter the question, when the upright sun card is the answer, it means things are going beautifully right now.

The Sun Tarot Card Meaning for the Future

The Sun Tarot Love Aspects

Thirdly, the future influences for relationships are also positive with an upright sun card. A current relationship may have a bright future filled with love and trust.

When You are Single

If you are single and trying to find the right person for you, then you should feel confident that the card has good indications for your future. Upright, in the future position, a sun card means optimism.

In General

That holds even outside the love life. A person contemplating a career change or accomplishing something on their bucket list should be feeling highly encouraged by the presence of the sun card, as it means happiness, knowledge, and attainment are in their future.

The Sun Reversed

If the sun card is reversed, the readings are much less cheerful.

An image of The Sun Reversed

The Sun Reversed in the Past Position

The Sun Tarot Love Interpretation

The Sun reversed in the past indicates that you may have had difficulties in your relationships. Perhaps you have struggled to see flaws in a partner and keep making the same mistakes over and over.

If You Are Single

You haven’t been happy about it. You might have struggled to stay positive about ever finding “the one.”

The Sun Reversed and Other Aspects:

Financially, you may have struggled to make ends meet, or been stuck in a dead-end career that left you feeling pessimistic and drained.

The Sun Reversed for the Present

The Sun Tarot Love Meaning

In the present, a reversed Sun card indicates that the passion and enthusiasm that may have started your current relationship are now faded and cold.

If You are Single

You may have started to doubt your ability to attract love and attention. That cycle is keeping you from getting what you want.

In More General Terms

Also, the reversed Sun Tarot card is often interpreted as a warning that you aren’t getting what you want out of life. You may be feeling stuck, or bored, and need something new.

The Sun Reversed for the Future

The Sun Tarot Love Aspects

For the future, a reversed Sun card offers a warning. It’s possible that troublesome trends now may have consequences for your current relationship.

If You are Single

If you want to find a partner, the card may be telling you that you should do more self-care before trying to enter into new relationships.

Regarding some other aspects

And spiritually or financially, things may not be as bright as they seem. They should be looked into before you dive in headfirst.

The Sun Tarot Card Meaning in a Reading

The Sun and the Lovers

When read alongside the Lovers, for example, any questions about relationships usually have a happy answer in the upright and a caution in the reversed position.

As a Single you might be encouraged to know that such relationships are possible and even likely to happen.

Outside of love, this combination may signify that an unexpected partnership holds the key to happiness and success.

The Sun and the Moon

In conjunction with the Moon, which precedes it in the Major Arcana, it can show a balance between inner spirituality and the subconscious, and the outer world we inhabit daily.

Within the context of a relationship, opposites attract and the two people may balance each other beautifully.

For a single person, it may be time to explore who they are on the inside and outside.

The Sun and the Judgement

Finally, if the reading brings the Sun and the Judgement cards together, it is often time to put the clarity of the sun card into action, judging yourself and others fairly and honestly. That goes for all walks of life, romantic and otherwise.


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