The Lovers Tarot Card – A Good Sign For A Long Lasting Love

should show The Lovers Tarot Card

Romance is in the air!…. Could be one of the meanings of the Lovers as a love tarot card.

Perhaps that’s what you’ll find in your next Tarot reading. You just might catch an enticing view of the future if you’re shown the Lovers Card in the upright position.

Get ready for maybe the most meaningful relationship of your life.

The Lovers, also known as Tarot card VI, is considered as one of the best Love Tarot cards. Let’s take a closer look.

Interpretations of the Lovers Tarot Card

Honesty and Openness

You’ll often see Adam and Eve in a fertile natural landscape such as the Garden of Eden like here. They’re reaching out for one another. And they’re naked, meaning that neither has anything to hide from the other. Their nakedness represents honesty, openness, their duality of purpose. They’re together in every possible way.

Protection and Healing Potential

You’ll also often find positive symbolism in the life-giving sun beaming radiantly and protectively over them. It nurtures the young couple. Another important focal point is the hovering presence of the angel Raphael. This angel’s name means “God heals.”

Who wouldn’t want a little spiritual healing? Who wouldn’t value being in a relationship as strong and fostering as this?


There are other symbols in this Tarot card, too, and they’re not all as innocent as God’s protective angel. Behind the Eve figure, for instance, is an apple tree with a snake — or a serpent — crawling up it. Temptation, anyone? You bet.

Behind the two figures is a smoking, phallic-shaped volcano. You just know that those two naked people will succumb to temptation eventually. And why not?

Big Love

As a love tarot card it can represents the love of your past, present or future, depending on its position and its interpretation. We’re not talking a “hook-up” or momentary sexual distraction. This can be the love of your life. It is an unbreakable bond we see through the eyes of the Lovers.

Strong Bonds, Good Health and Fortune, Career Achievements, Fulfillment of Dreams

The Lover Tarot card is also interpreted as to bring you evidence of other positive outcomes in your life. Good health and fortune, for instance. Remember: God heals.

In its fuller meaning, this card deals with whatever completes us. Often that’s a deep and lasting romantic relationship, but not always. It can also represent career achievement, the strengthening of family bonds or the fulfillment of other lifelong dreams and ambitions.

The Lovers Reversed Meanings

The Lovers Tarot card sounds exactly like what we’re all looking for, doesn’t it? Love. Honor. Commitment. It seems to artistically and emotionally render all in life that “completes” us. What could possibly go wrong here?

Well, it depends on how you receive your card. The Lovers dealt in upright position is what we’ve addressed so far.

The Lovers Upside-Down
Job Loss, Seperation, Wrong Intentions

It’s a card to be desired. The Lovers Tarot future position can hint to a life-changing event like a wedding or pregnancy. But the Lovers reversed has very different — but related — meanings. Because it represents that which disconnects or holds us apart from what we really want.

Wrong intentions in a relationship or job, for instance, can lead to unhappiness.

The Lovers reversed outcome therefore might be a romantic breakup, a job loss or other separation from what’s most important to us.

The Lovers Yes Or No Meaning

Interestingly the Lovers reversed in a Yes or No Tarot can be a good sign or a bad sign. It strongly depends on the situation and the question you are focusing on during the reading. So it could mean that the love is very deep or a breakup is going to happen.

The Lovers Tarot Card in Readings

By name and visual representation alone, The Lovers has plenty to say about the state of your love life or its potential. But it’s not the only Tarot card that might show you what you’re so eager to see in terms of the meaningful relationship that awaits you on your horizon.

Four of Wands

Take the Four of Wands. This card symbolizes an upcoming engagement, wedding or other milestone event marking the solid nature of a binding relationship. In a 3 card spread Lovers meanings are amplified with this Tarot card.

Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups provides a tantalizing hint of what’s to come in terms of that “someone” who most likely will make your skin tingle and your blood run hot with desire.

Ten of Cups

For a more fulfilling relationship, consider the perspective shown by the Ten of Cups. It reveals a strong and lasting relationship in the form of a warm, sheltering family.

Knight of Cups

Yet another angle of this warm and fuzzy love thing can be found in the Knight of Cups. The helmeted male horse rider is your figurative knight in shining armor. Be assured, your soul mate (or at least mate of the moment) draws near.

The Lovers Tarot card regarding other cards

There are several other cards that also reflect a romantic or sizzling view of relationships, and that’s a good thing. The Tarot card deck can most likely reveal just about all aspects of that which we most need in life, from a hot, spicy taste to lasting commitment.

In a 3 card spread Lovers represents the latter probably the best of any card in the deck for tarot love reading.

It therefore might be a testament to commitment and meaningful togetherness. It symbolizes depth of feeling, a strong forever relationship, or that which will complete you in other areas of your life.