The Empress Card – A fertile Ground for Abundance or Stagnation

An image of the Tarot card The Empress

The Empress Tarot card is the third Card of the Major Arcana. Like a goddess the Empress is sitting on a throne in the midst of a flourishing garden as seen here.

Sheaves of ripe wheat grow at her feet, and a stream winds behind her between cypress trees. The wheat is considered sacred to the goddess Isis while the cypress trees are sacred to the goddess Venus. Indeed, by the throne is a heart shaped shield with the symbol of Venus. The symbol can also be seen on her flowing robe.

The Empress’s crown of myrtle flowers and pearl necklace also connect her to Venus. Above her crown of myrtle flowers is a crown of twelve six-point stars, and she holds a scepter topped by an orb.

Below are some common interpretations.

The Empress Tarot Card Meanings in the Upright Position

In Tarot the Empress is a symbol of the female principle, of wealth and abundance. She presages fertility for prospective parents, farmers and artists. It is a good card to pull in a love tarot reading.

Upright Meaning in the Past Position

The Empress Tarot Love Meaning

When You are in a Relationship

Good things have happened in the past that bode well for the future. It may involve having a child, getting a promotion at work or moving to a better neighborhood.

If You are Single

You may have experienced a period of abundance and good partnerships. The memory of this period will bolster you during the inevitable dry periods in the future.

In General

The good times that have just been experienced fortify you and your loved ones for the future and help you weather vicissitudes in the present.

Upright Meaning in the Present Position

When in a Relationship

You and your lover are celebrating. You might consider making it legal if you haven’t already, and if you want to have a baby, now’s the time to go for it.

The Empress Tarot Love Meaning When You are Single

Because you are in a good place, both physically, psychologically and spiritually, you may want to share your good luck in a relationship. Or, maybe not. Whatever you want to do, now is the time to enjoy life.

In General

You are now experiencing a much longed for period of positivity and goodness. You may have just sold a book or a painting, had a baby or even started to collect the harvest from your backyard garden.

Upright Empress Tarot Card in the Future Position

When in a Relationship

You and your significant other may be going through a rough patch right now, but with the Empress Tarot card in your future, things are going to get better.

The Empress Tarot Love Meaning When Single

The Empress can give you the encouragement to continue on, either in your quest for a relationship, your art, your work or your finances.

In General

The Empress in the future position is a sure sign that the times will get better, sooner or later.

The Empress Reversed

An image of the Tarot card The Empress Reversed

If the Empress card comes up reversed, it may mean infertility, stagnation, resources being frittered away and material possessions being lost. It may even hint at the destruction of war and famine, the depredations of poverty and psychological troubles that lead to instability.

Reversed Meaning in the Past Position

The Empress Tarot Love Meaning

When in a Relationship

You and your significant other have gone through a rough patch. It may have been very rough indeed, and you may no longer be together or might be on the verge of breaking up.

When You are Single

When you see the Empress reversed, you may have experienced a period of stagnation. Maybe you are living in the past. It is time to let go. Change your Present and see the opportunities right in front of you.

In General

In general, the past Empress reversed can mean anything from the break up of important relationships to having lost a job to surviving a war or natural disaster. If you are an artist, it could be a writer’s block or the inability to create. Another meaning is a descent into decadence.

Reversed Meaning in the Present Position

The Empress Love Meaning When in a Relationship

Things aren’t good right now. The cause may be psychological or even physical. The Empress reversed may mean you are struggling with infertility.

When You are Single

The Empress as feelings might highlight a turbulent but lonely time right now. You may have just lost a job or a commission or the muse is silent. It’s time batten down the hatches and turn to your loved ones for sustenance. Speaking of sustenance, don’t overeat, over-drink or do anything to excess during this time.

In General

The discomfort of this present period means that you should proceed with caution.

Reversed Meaning in the Future Position

The Empress Tarot Love Meaning

When in a Relationship

If things are good now, you have had advanced warning that your situation may be rocky in the future. Now’s the time to prepare for it.

When Single

As it would be if you were in a relationship, prepare for some interesting times. Save your money, work hard, be good to yourself.

In General

The Empress reversed in the future position means it’s time to stock up, either materially if you’re actually expecting some disaster, or spiritually.

The Empress Card in a Reading

…with the Three of Pentacles

In Tarot the Empress meaning is mitigated when it is placed with others.

An Empress card in the future but with a nine of swords in the past and a three of pentacles in the present can mean that you’re recovering from a very rough time indeed, may be a bad break-up.

Things are good now, and they are only going to get better.

…with the Queen of Swords

The Empress reversed in the present with an ace of wands in the past and a Queen of Swords in the future means that you started an adventure or even a family in the past, the present is rough, and in the future you might meet a kind and intelligent woman who may be childless or widowed.

…with the High Priestess

An Empress card in the past with the High Priestess in the Future and the seven of cups in the present may mean that you have experienced abundance in the past, our imagination has run away with you in the present and there will be hidden influences at work in your life, especially if you’re an artist.


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