Six Stages Of Dating You May Get In Touch

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The world of dating can seem like a foreign country when trying to find a personal connection. Who to ask, which topics to talk about, and where to go can all influence your dating experience. As dating progresses through the various stages, your idea of a relationship may change. Here are six stages that could be crucial for a promising relationship.

Stage One – The Attraction

The first step to dating begins with you. Finding someone attractive and being attracted to them can be different. Just because somebody looks objectively beautiful or classically good-looking, doesn’t necessarily mean you feel drawn to them on an emotional level. Maybe that person has an expression that reminds you of someone you used to know or maybe they have a certain way of talking that makes you feel close. Whatever it is, that is usually the person you want to ask out first.

Stage Two – The Question

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Once you know who you want to ask on a date, asking them is a necessary part of the early stages of dating. Before asking them if they’d like to go on a date, first choose some place you think they would enjoy going. This could be a show, a specific movie, or a casual dinner. If possible, ask them out in private where they do not feel pressure to answer quickly.

Stages Of Dating: Number Three – The First Kiss

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The first kiss is usually a significant marker to the beginning of a relationship. While it may not mean there is an official title to your relationship, it should indicate both people are interested in one another. A first kiss is usually a little awkward. Since everybody’s style is different, it’s hard to know when you kiss someone for the first time, what they like.

Stage Four – The Exclusivity Talk

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If you are going on casual dates with several people at the same time, exclusivity should be a conversation. First understand if you want to stop seeing other people. If you would like to be in a serious relationship with just the other person, broach the subject seriously and in-person. While it may be difficult to put yourself in a vulnerable position, it allows both of you to really understand where the other is coming from.

Stage Five – Meeting Friends

After you’ve been dating for a little while, hanging out with each other’s friends is a natural next step. Sometimes it’s easier to invite both sets of friends to a public place so that everyone can feel comfortable. If there are certain friends of yours that might not get along with certain friends of his, try just bringing a couple of your closer friends for a smaller gathering.

Stages Of Dating: Number Six – Meeting Family

All families are different and some people prefer to introduce the person they are dating immediately. Others like to wait. Whether you’re meeting their family or their meeting yours, it can feel intimidating. This is a natural feeling for many people and will pass over time.

There is no right or wrong way to date if both people are aware of what’s going on. By being honest and communicating openly with one another, dating can be anything you want it to be. To find someone you truly connect with, sharing different aspects of your life and who you are is a good start.