13 Really Crappy Guys To Avoid Dating

A woman warns a man while pointing her index finger at him.

The dating scene is riddled with shady characters. There are also great guys in the bunch, but you have to be vigilant to spot them. We’ve identified 13 type of guys you’re better off not dating.

1. The Trickster

This guy knows how to pull the wool over your eyes. You’ re willing to be tied down.

The “trickster” is all set to date a bunch of gals. This guy will hold the relationship on a shallow basis. He does not mind messaging other potential dates. He will be daring where he goes and hesitates to invite you to his home to socialize with his relatives and friends.

He’s amusing, charming, and adorable, and will trick you into thinking he is the perfect guy. While you are busy pouncing on your vacation greeting cards, he’s preoccupied with weeding out his ladies.

2. You Better Avoid Dating The Guy Who Lets You Handle All The Expenses

Going on dates isn’t as old-fashioned as it used to be, so it’s great if you occasionally offer to cover the dates. But it is not okay for a man to shirk paying.

At times, a guy really lacks the cash to spend on a date. Another time, the guy is simply just stingy.

Now that’ s a look into your tomorrow, in which you defray for all your dates and where he only pays for some drinks.

3. The Self-Serving Guy

The egocentric guy doesn’t really cater to you. It is all about getting what’s most convenient to him.

He simply won’t give a damn regarding anything you enjoy during a date. The guy gets you to visit his place all the time. He has neither the desire nor the energy to visit you.

He makes himself scarce. You will be thrilled when he messages or calls you. Bear in mind that he most likely seems to have another purpose in the background.

4. The Guy With Attachment Anxiety

Dreading commitment, this dude is not a match for any woman. He sticks to the shallow end of things.

While he may share a few profound words with you, he will rarely be open to thinking about upcoming times together. He is going to find excuses why he can never settle down.

Maybe he’s afraid that will be his final destination, or maybe he just doesn’t care enough about you. In any case, he will never be able to grant you the safety that you deserve.

5. The Swindler

 The guy shows a fake smile. Avoid dating liars.

For some guys, lying is what they really enjoy. It makes things more convenient for them.

Steer clear of dating this sort of guy, as he often gives you false assurances. He will promise you a lot of things to trick you into liking him. He deceives you whenever he tells you something.

Maybe you feel that you should rely on him because all his commitments are so exceptional. He may fool you, even telling fibs about his life.

Once his tales fail to make sense, you should begin to wonder if he’s for real.

6. The Mummy’s Boy

Avoid dating a lazy guy. Man is lazy. His girlfriend is telling him to continue cleaning their apartment.

The guy who never tries to be an adult is definitely no man to go on a date with.

This guy acts as though he is still in his teens. He gets his folks to cover all his expenses. He wants you to be in charge of him. There’ s no pleasure in being a grown up, therefore he has no desire for anything that is connected with adulthood.

It’s an out-and-out good time for him to be with you. He expects you to do all the housework. Practically you will be his nanny when you date this type of men.

7. The Guy Who Loves To Fool Around

The guy who walks you around like a doggie and treats you like you’re a throw-away item.

This guy will give you mouthwatering treats for days, then he starts neglecting and ignoring you for a while. Suddenly he pops up back in your messages on your app late at night. That might be because he’s bored and wants some entertainment.

He’s holding out on you and toying with your mind and feelings. Let’s face it, this guy gets lots of girls to meet while he’s dating you.

8. The Lazy Type

Certain guys don’t want to strain themselves at all. They want you to wear the pants in the relationship so they don’t have to carry any burden as a boyfriend.

You are going to end up being the one who keeps reaching out to him, calling him and getting the plans for you both made.

In a relationship, each person must put all their effort into it. Unless one partner doesn’t bring their utmost input, the relationship will crumble.

9. The Guy Who Is Possessed By You

Man using mobile phone in bed at home writing non-stop messages to his date. Avoid dating an obsessed guy.

It’s kind of funny in the beginning. This kind of guy is all over you and floods you with affection.

The issue, however, is that it eventually takes over. He demands your interest throughout the day. He calls you as soon as he sees you coming home from work. He watches your every move and doesn’t give you time to draw a breath.

It feels nice when you fall hard for him, but you’ll get fed up with having a cloud over your head all the time.

10. The Emotionless Fellow

When a man is worried about expressing any emotions, then he might be emotionally closed off. He will never allow you to come close too.

It is rather testing to date this kind of man, as you may just catch a glimpse of his shallow emotions.

Sooner or later, you both have to lower your barriers. Otherwise, the relationship will not develop in a completely healthy and wholesome way.

11. The Control Freak

Body language. Domination. Angry young man screaming and pointing at you. Avoid dating a control freak.

Remember, you are not a pawn. Anytime a person attempts to dictate to you about what you are allowed to do and who you are permitted to communicate with, he is checking up on you.

He is looking to scare you by commanding you. He seeks to monitor your every move. Maybe he even comes across as a tyrant.

You’re an adult and independent, which means you don’t have to have a person anyone to show you the ropes in life.

12. The Stopgap Guy

The gap guy wants to be in a relationship, but hasn’t quite gotten over his last relationship.

He simply wants a rebound. It’s tough to admit, but you’re only another girl with whom he can try to get his ex off his mind.

You will observe him likening you to his ex and speaking much about her. You should keep away such guys. It is best if you walk out.

13. The Ego Lover

Man feeling proud, arrogant and confident, looking satisfied and successful, pointing to self. Avoid dating a self-loving man.

When a guy seems more into himself than you, he’s self-centered.

He pays a lot of attention to his appearance. He devotes hours to fitness training, admires himself in the mirror for minutes on end, and ponders how he can make things his own. He’s only concerned about what someone could have for him and never what he could give in return.