13 Bad Dating Karma Signs – How To Prevent Or Reverse It

"Bad Luck" Sign

It can be challenging to undo bad dating karma in the dating world. An ancient proverb states: “What you sow is what you reap.” If this resonates with you, it may be worth switching your dating behavior.

1 – Bad Dating Karma: Nobody Likes To Be Ghosted

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Well, all sorts of dudes are out there eager to hook up with you when you’re cruising for a mate. The goal, of course, will be to discover the best match you can find. Sometimes you just seem to only meet the second choice.

Even though it seems justified to ghost someone in particular, not everyone really deserves this. Had somebody been truly nice to you during your date? At least show them some level of appreciation.

Letting someone know you’re not on their mind isn’t easy. Try to be as honest as necessary. A choice of words that is less harmful for both sides should be well thought out.

2 – You Pretended As If Your Date Didn’t Matter

Bad Dating Karma through ignoring your date: suspicious man looking at his woman talking on the phone smiling.

Perhaps you wanted to refrain from appearing too interested. You may have been embarrassed to reveal to your date that you are deeply in love.

Some different reasons could also have applied. This may be how you scare away the right partner for you once and for all. Show more interest next time, you never know who will turn the corner next.

3 – You Have Been Less Than Forthright About Your Intentions

We all date for a purpose. Do you just want some distraction or entertainment? Are you looking for an open relationship? Or are you looking for someone to marry?

Then be sure to mention that. Not being honest about your intentions can mislead your partner. For you it can be an unnecessary effort, or it can even become very exhausting. If you play with open cards you will get what you want in the best case. And in the worst case, it will allow you to eliminate all dates that are not for you.

4 – Calling Off Dates At The Last Moment

Bad dating karma through canceling a date at the last minute. Worried woman talking on smart phone walking outdoors in the street.

Occasionally, there are times when an appointment cannot be kept. Eventually, an unforeseen incident occurs that leads to the need to postpone a date.

But if canceling a date happens strikingly often, it’s just downright impolite.

Dropping dates signals to them that you don’t appreciate them and their time. This worsens your dating karma. It also makes you look unreliable.

If you decide to skip a date, tell your date that the minute you made the decision. This will appear more trustworthy. Your partner will feel taken seriously and will treat you accordingly.

5 – You Can’t Keep A Sweet Secret For Long

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Meeting your new date is thrilling, and it’s natural to tell it all to your friends.

You can never tell if you both share some of the same folks. Sometimes the world is smaller than you think, and people unfortunately like to chatter.

To save face, especially if it’s a one-time date, it’s wisest to leave these private intimate secrets to oneself.

6 – You’ve Been Stalling On A Date

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Telling someone that you don’t really feel like doing something together isn’t easy. Perhaps you worry about their responses or are concerned about upsetting them.

The issue with stringing someone is that it blocks that person from matching up with a proper date. Plus, you also squander time hooking up with someone you have no real connection with.

7 – You Went On A Date Out Of Sheer Boredom

Were you so fed up with being stuck at home on a weekend that you accepted an invitation that you would have otherwise declined? Going on a date for the sake of doing something or receiving a free dinner is never a good plan. Doing so is can be the initial move towards stringing someone along.

If you don’t like someone as a date, consider a group getaway. Or cook something nice for yourself and or do binge-watching and endure the weekend alone.

Maybe someone else will pop up in the midst of it. You never know what’s coming next. If you keep an open mind, you may notice new opportunities that you didn’t notice before.

8 – Crybaby

Being single was never a good option for you. Seeing all of your friends in a relationship can sting a lot. Does the idea of staying alone for another day make you dread it?

It’s natural to be a little envious and wish yourself a happy partnership.

But no one loves a weeper. However, constantly feeling like a failure due to being single creates destructive vibes in your life that also rub off on those around you.

Reverse the bad dating karma: Pave the path with positive energy by keeping in mind all the good stuff and inner qualities you have with you.

If you go into your dates with the right attitude, the other person will realize your potential.

9 – You Shirk From Dating

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Making a brief stint away from the dating world is a good way to free your mind after a breakup. Allow yourself a week or two to find out what didn’t work. Once you have done that, go out again.

Wallowing in self-pity is a mindset that blocks you.

It all boils down to simple math. When you go on zero dates, you get zero relationships.

Be frank and ready to get to know that one unique person.

10 – You Discard Dates For Flimsy Motives

Most people have very specific ideas about a potential partner, but you don’t have to be too fixated on it. Have you ever turned someone down because their hair was too long or too short, or because they have a mustache? Maybe the person loves movies which you hate, or likes music you’d never listen to.

Keep in mind that everyone has their share of kinks. However, it may be reasonable to reject someone if your main interests are not compatible. One person may want to have children, the other may not.

Yet, don’t reject someone outright only because they have a minor flaw. Chances are, almost everything else is so awesome about them that it neutralizes the small spots.

11 – Bad Dating Karma: You Make Rash Decisions

Perhaps your date only gives you short or sketchy answers or talks over you.

On a date you learn new sides about your partner. Needless to say, they won’t all be flawless. Try to relax and accept the situation. Chances are, there is a more profound cause for something that initially appears to be strange.

Possibly your date is simply excited, although they are naturally much more laid back. Spending the time to enable them to unveil the real them can often be rewarding.

12 – You Don’t Offer The Fullest

Rushing through dates while being inattentive is another popular blunder that a person can slip into. Scanning your phone for any messages can put you at ease, but it can also make you not really appreciate the presence of your date.

Dedicate your undivided focus to your dates. They are worthy of that respect. Besides, you might reject the right one too slightly. Furthermore, you will understand more about your dating partner if you are engaged actively.

13 – Bad Dating Karma: You Deceived Others About Your Status

Bad dating karma: Young beautiful woman wearing yellow t-shirt standing over white isolated background shocked covering mouth with hands for being caught in a lie.

You don’t have to share your entire life story with just anyone. Yet, your possible date should be aware if you happened to be out of a relationship recently. You may also include essentials such as whether you have kids or have been married.

Telling the other person where you are in your path through life, they can better relate to where you are stemming from.

What’s more, with your bond growing closer, they’ll be more able to appreciate you for who you truly are.