Am I Part Of A Karmic Relationship?

Symbolizing a karmic relationship : A man and a woman are hundcuffed together.

How Can I Recognize A Karmic Relationship?

While a karmic relationship has a very strong bond, in many cases it is extremely unbalanced. In fact, one tends to be co-dependent as a result. The following are a few clues that could indicate such a relationship.

1 – The Relationship Is Often Lopsided And Unwholesome

Many a time one person is preoccupied only with themselves. As a result, the other partner tends to work their butt off to keep them happy.

The dependent person’s friends and family start to question why he or she wants to stick around in the relationship. The reason is that it’s often more convenient to stay with the one we already know.

Karmic relationships are not destined to last. Rather, they are supposed to be a vehicle for self-improvement.

According to the opinion of many who are concerned with soul mates, karmic relationships occur due to unsettled matters. Such unresolved matters typically stem from earlier times.

2 – Recurring Patterns Emerge

The bad behavior repeats itself time and time again. Yet the inevitable solution is to interrupt the continuation of the loop.

3 – Effects Of Possible Abusive Or Addictive Behavior

Having a co-dependent behavior can be a potential hotbed when it comes to domestic ills or misconduct.
Substances such as alcohol or other common drugs are not the sole cause of addiction. A mental craving can be an addiction, such as a desire for power or an obsession and it can become very unpleasant on the outside. Those who are consumed with being addicted to anger most likely have a strong urge of power to control. Sadly, this can also adversely affect other people like the children in the relationship.

Even a karmic relationships itself may become addictive. In such relationships, infatuation is mistaken for love itself. Basically, one is in love only with the external appearance of the other person, such as the social rank and the good looks.
In many cases, karmic relationships imply the romantic desire of rescuing their partner from themselves. Sadly, this is the type of romance that is glossed over by the mainstream world.

In reality, such a thing rarely applies. Because if anything, we can only control ourselves.

4 – It Seems Inescapable

A man and a woman holding their hands surrounded by nature.

Now, you probably get the sinking feeling that you’ve known the person from the very first moment you saw them. Something tells you that you are made for each other.

Chances are you will be attracted to this relationship as long as it takes to improve yourself.

5 – You Feel An Immediate Link

Precursor of a karmic relationship: Meeting co-incidentally. Love at first sight. Man and woman

Karmic relationships tend to have an intuitive pull. Likewise, they are prone to have an instantaneous addiction for each other.

6. Inclined To Reveal Your Ugliest Tendencies

Silhouettes of arguing couple against sunset sky with clouds. Relationship problems

When you are afraid of dismissal, karmic relationships tend to open up that part of you to the full. Likewise, if you have a fear of being left, of commitment, of emotional depths, or any other sort of bereavement.

7 – Karmic Relationships Are Like A Rush

Karmic relationships many times unearth bad aspects of yourself which you did have no idea you were carrying. Next, you find yourself thinking, doing, and expressing yourself in a manner that you might not otherwise consider.

8 – They Drive You Up The Wall

Couple sitting on couch after a fight. Sad woman sitting with hand on head after quarrel with boyfriend at home. Angry couple ignoring each other, relationship troubles.

They rile you up because it’s their job to show you limits.
Keep in mind that you are really the only one over whom you have complete command. These kind of karmic ties are there to train you to love yourself.

9 – They Keep You On Alert Around The Clock

You defend and have to explain yourself all the time. You even have to justify yourself to your friends and family.

10 – The Quarrels Go On Endlessly

Man and woman boxing fight. Couple romantic relationships. Difficult relationships. Couple in love competing boxing.

What we’re discussing is not merely the tantrums, but about getting into altercations in an overall sense. Okay, maybe it’s not strictly abusive, but it’s certainly ongoing and unwholesome.

11 – Very Little Is Clarified

A relationship in which the significant other only looks out for themselves isn’t really worth investing in. They are only out for themselves.

Within karmic relationships, the slightest sparks can provoke an outburst.

12 – You Catch Yourself Sneaking Around

Image of woman spying and peeking at cellphone of her boyfriend isolated over yellow background

For some reason, you sense that your partner is betraying you. Consequently, you keep monitoring their phone and social activities.

13 – You Are Uncomfortable And Unbalanced

There seems to be little balance within karmic relationships from peak to trough.

14 – They Pull On Your Remaining Reserves

Instead of helping you feel joyful and elated, karmic relationships aim to cause you to become depleted. This is what a few refer to as energy vampirism.

15 – You Feel Empty Without The Karmic Relationship

You even feel more miserable when your partner is away. You can hardly stand not hearing what your partner is up to.

16 – Something Doesn’t Seem Right From The Outset.

Some individuals who have been in an exploitative relationship will confirm this. They decide to just block it out, believing that is how love supposes to be. – Don’t do that.
Probably some are just more scared of loneliness and not being loved, and from there prefer to put up with a bad partner.

17 – Many Problems With Understanding And Ambiguities Occur

The arguments are not the only issue. In karmic relationships, the skill of listening appears to be utterly absent.

How is a karmic relationship distinguished from a soulmate relationship?

A karmic relationship is a matter concerning incomplete life teachings. Soul mate relationships deal with a wholesome love.

Soul mates serve the well being. In a karmic relationship, our partner leaves us thinking we haven’t done enough.
In many cases soul mates are those that are permanent and whom we wed.