The Ace of Cups Tarot Card – The Card of Change

should show the Tarot card The Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups in the Upright Position

In General

An upright Ace of Cups Tarot card (as seen here) in any spread spells favorable and promising times in the near future. It can signify the right time to start a family, jump into a new relationship, or do something you previously felt unsure about. Karma will be favorable, bringing beneficial changes and a new sense of confidence will come with them. Below ware some common interpretations.

~ Ace of Cups Tarot Card for the Past ~

Ace of Cups Love Meaning in a Relationship

The Ace of Cups card in the past position can mean you and your partner are soon going to move past any resentment or arguments and turn a new leaf in your companionship.

You may see an exciting, unexpected side to your partner you didn’t previously know was there.

If You are Single

It can mean you are ready to let go of heartbreak you have been harboring and open up your heart to someone new.

Set any expectations you have aside and allow yourself to finally heal so you can find the love you deserve.

Some other Aspects of Life

When you find an Ace of Cups upright in the past position for a finance or career spread, it’s thought to foreshadow good fortune on the horizon.

Have you had money troubles in the past? You may find yourself with new opportunities that could get you back on track, like a well-deserved promotion.

~ Ace of Cups Tarot Card in the Present Position ~

If in a Relationship

It can signify that everything is going perfectly.

You might feel like you have met your perfect match and can finally settle down in a relationship filled with trust, compassion and love.

If You are Single

This upright card could signify contentedness. You are happy just how you are. You may be enjoying your freedom and independence, living in the moment.

Do not rush to couple up: this time is crucial in finding self-love.

In other Aspects of Life

When considering finance and career, this tarot card in the present shows potential in your current situation.

If you have been implementing new strategies to save money or reach a goal, you will soon be reaping the rewards.

Have you been feeling extra inspired lately? Run with it and let it guide you to success.

~ Ace of Cups Tarot Card for the Future ~

If You are in a Relationship

When you find Ace of Cups upright in the future position of a love spread, it will reveal positive things. Things are tranquil and will remain so.

Because this tarot card is all about positive changes, new beginnings and celebrations, it might signify a marriage proposal or a baby shower.

Ace of Cups Love Meaning when Single

This card can foreshadow a new person entering your life. This could be the man you’ve been waiting for, the one you truly deserve.

It could also signify that you are ready to open your heart, finally free of any past worry you’ve felt.

In other Aspects of Life

When considering the future of your finances and career, the Ace of Cups card can suggest the need for patience. Small successes are the only way to achieve a larger goal.

Are you working towards purchasing a home or have you been devotedly taking on more responsibility at work? Accomplishments and recognition are in the near future, just be patient with yourself.

Ace of Cups Reversed

should show the Tarot card The Ace of Cups reversed

In General

Reversed, Ace of Cups is a sympathetic card that shows the need for change.

Generally, it means there is sadness present.

You may be repressing emotions, which is keeping you from moving forward. Bad news or a negative event could be headed your way.

~Ace of Cups Reversed in the Past Position~

Ace of Cups Love Meaning in a Partnership

When in a relationship, drawing this card upside down in the past position of a love spread can convey hurt you are harboring from a past incident that is seriously impacting your current relationship.

Are you keeping your partner at a distance because you fear being hurt again?

If Single

Likewise, if you are single and draw this card upside down it can represent repressed emotions that are making maintaining a relationship difficult.

Maybe you are still thinking of a past love that went sour. You will continue to feel stuck if you don’t make an effort to let go.

In other Aspects of Life

In finance and career, the Ace of Cups reversed can tell of troubles that are impacting your current situation. Something from your past may come back to hurt your current goals.

~ Ace of Cups Reversed in the Present Position ~

If in a Relationship

In the present, this tarot card upside down can cause concern for those in a relationship. There may be ongoing turbulence between the two of you.

This card can foreshadow a breakup or divorce, so make a change or suffer the consequences.

Ace of Cups Love Meaning when Single

Those who are single and pull this card upside down in the present position might find themselves feeling distant. It might not be the right time for you to socialize or find a partner.

Pay mind to how you feel and give yourself the time you need.

In other Aspects of Life

Heed this card’s warning in finance and career spreads. In the present position, it can mean a decision you are about to make will not play out in your favor.

You may find yourself taking a risky venture that will fail or making mistakes at work that gain unwanted attention from your supervisor.

~ As a Tarot Card Reversed for the Future ~

If in a Relationship

The Ace of Cups reversed in the future position of a love spread might mean a change is coming, for the worse.

Things may be steady now, but there is something looming that will negatively alter the way you view, think and feel about your partner or situation.

If Single

Those looking for love who pull this tarot reversed should be very careful. It can foretell a bad relationship coming your way.

Now is the time to be cautious: Do not make relationship commitments too quickly.

In other Aspects of Life

In finance and career, this reversed card is believed to anticipate distress in the coming months. Do not get too comfortable with your current situation.

The Ace of Cups can signify the loss of a job or upcoming debt. Proper planning will limit the impact.

Ace of Cups in Combination with some other Tarot Cards

You will find clarification on the events foretold by the Ace of Cups when you look at it’s position in relation to other cards you draw.

The Trickster called The Magician

If you find Ace of Cups upside down near the trickster card in a love spread, this can signify deception and cheating.

The Trickster called The Fool

Next to The Fool card, this is could be a display of your own ignorance and can strengthen the cards suggestion that crippling mistakes could be made in your finances or career.

The Empress

Up right, this card near the Empress can foretell a pregnancy or represent an individual who is a mother.

The Death

Next to the Death card, the Ace of Cups can foreshadow a complete change from what you are used to – this can be good or bad depending on the cards position.

But the Death card can partner with Ace of Cups in foretelling the death of the old you and a brand new beginning.


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