Will The 3-Month Rule Actually Hold True?

The image symbolizes the 3-month rule: A notebook for writing down rules.

Dating After A Breakup

The 3-Month Rule prohibits dating for three months after a breakup. This break offers you time to adjust. It’s important to mend your broken heart before venturing back out to try again.

There are few things as devastating as a romantic breakup. Like any dramatic life event, it helps to focus on yourself for a while. When you’re especially vulnerable, self-destructive behavior is more likely.

It’s okay to admit that you’re mental health is fragile after a breakup. As tempting as it can be, resist the urge to date too soon.

Three Good Reasons For The 3-Month Rule

1 – No Rushing Into Relationships That You’ll Later Regret

Dont leave me. Close up of woman pulling man hand, walking in autumn park.

It’s the best way to avoid a regrettable rebound disaster. Both parties lose when you jump into dating too quickly.

While it may make you feel better temporarily, it’s unlikely to last. Then, you have two people to get over, your ex and your rebound person. It’s messy, leaving too many victims in your wake.

2 – Time To Reflect and Redefine Your Needs

While you’re single, you need time for self-reflection. What type of relationship do you want? More importantly, what do you need? Figure this out before jumping into the dating fray again.

By examining what went wrong and what went right last time, you can understand what works. Once you’re past the initial shock, you can assess what happened more objectively.

If you’ve always been in a relationship, you need to find yourself again. It’s difficult to get to know yourself if you’re always forced to compromise for another.

3 -The 3-Month Rule Allows More Space For Yourself

The 3-month Rule gives you space and time for your hobbies. Beautiful Woman Reading a Book at Home. Relaxing on the Sofa at Home. Reading Book and Drinking Coffee.

Who are you when no one is looking? What are your hobbies? What do you hold sacred? Until you can answer these questions, you aren’t ready to date.

Three months off on your own is a freeing experience. It’s peaceful and even decadent if you’ve always catered to others. Embrace this time alone and you won’t be sorry. You deserve it.

Some Strong Reasons Against The 3-Month Rule

There are always two sides to every choice you make. While the pros discussed above are compelling, there are some cons.

You Already Feel Ready To Move On And Date

The 3-month rule might be too long. The woman is ready for a relationship. Young man holds hand to laughing woman while dating in restaurant

If you mentally checked out of your relationship months ago, then you’re emotionally healed. Chances are you’ve been doing some soul searching already. There’s no logical reason to wait.

You Might Miss The Best Opportunities

The 3-month rule limits opportunities. Date online. Man and woman with glasses of wine on a date using laptop video chat sitting at home.

Another common objection about the 3-Month Rule is that you might miss out. Maybe, you’re interested in someone and feel you need to make your move. You don’t want to miss that small dating window and watch your intended move on.

Timing can be everything in dating. Watching that special someone you’ve had your eye on for 90 days is excruciating. What if they get involved with someone else while you take that 90-day dating sabbatical?

Let’s face facts. We are all different. Taking a break from dating just so you can say you did, makes no sense.

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The Takeaway

Look inside of yourself and decide if you need a break from dating. It’s that simple. Are you mentally exhausted and confused or ready to move forward? Make yourself the priority as you do what makes sense for you.