13 Dating Red Flags In Men To Pay Attention To

A man and a woman stand back to back.

There is a chance you will miss some key red flags in men when you are initially dating. True, all dating will not turn out flawlessly. Plus some guys may just be terrible choices as far as you’re concerned.

The art is in recognizing who you should stick with and who you should shun. While your feeling can be trustworthy with the wrong guys, other troubles are usually not as quick to detect.

The following are 13 critical issues may signal that your guy may not be the best choice at all.

1 – He Idolizes You A Little Too Much

Dating Warning Sign: Womanizer man. Man admires a woman.

Even if it feels great right away, it may soon feel like there’s something else underneath the sweet talk.

This could reflect habits of the person that are more damaging to a relationship: from possessive behavior to dangerous attitudes of a stalker.

2 – Your Desire For Sex Is Very Different From Your Partner’s

Whether the need for sex is great or rather small is a very personal matter and also perfectly fine. In fact, you can hardly be wrong in enjoying sex. Yet it is another matter whether you want to force something if your partner’s sex drive is seriously different from yours.

A mismatch in sexual desire, too much or too little, can cause hurt feelings, competitive frustration, and even grudges.

3 – He Constantly Gropes You Under The Guise Of Cheerfulness

Dating warning sign: The man the woman is dating is touching her playfully all the time. The woman feels uncomfortable.

Does he keep tickling you when he realizes you don’t want it anymore?

Or does he repeatedly tries to cuddle or rub you, although you voiced not to be touched? Such episodes if common indicate a disrespectful attitude.

4 – He Is Insanely Hungry For The Hookup

All is not as it appears to be. A guy who seems like a charmer to hook up with you might be hiding his real intention behind it. It could be that he’s throwing himself over with you as a backup or stopgap solution. Or it could simply be his personality temperament. He might even be a little on the narcissistic side.

5 – One Of The Obnoxious Red Dating Flags: He Wants To Be The Center Of Your Life 24/7

A Dating Warning Sign: A  couple is dating  at coffee shop. With a mobile phone the man is taking selfie photo and ignoring his bored  and frustrated dating partner.

This type of person is someone who wants you to spend all of your free time time with him. In fact, he would also love to make sure that the two of you can always work together. He will do everything he can to keep you from getting close to your family and friends. This could be another dating red flag with men, hinting at a self-absorbed person.

6 – You Find That He Is Easily Unnerved By You

A Dating Warning Sign: Bored man listening his date talking in a bar or hotel on the beach.

Shoulder shrugging, eye rolling, and being easily distracted can be very common signs of an impending breakup. Such behavior is a clear reflection of disrespect. It is best to drop such people like a hot potato.

7 – He Puts Himself In A Better Light Than His “Wacky” Exes

A Dating Warning Sign: An upset and disappointed man keeps talking about his bad experience with his ex-relationship.

Sometimes relationships become so harmful that their aftermath sticks around for years. Having said that, a partner who makes snappy remarks about a previous relationship is probably completely overlooking their part in the breakdown of a viable relationship.

8 – They Reach For Swear Words In Every Argument

 This might be a dating warning sign: A couple experiencing a lover's quarrel.

Quarrels are part of every relationship. However, it is worrisome if your partner is inclined to verbally abuse you every time. This shows not only that he lacks respect, but also that he is probably not willing to find accommodating solutions.

9 – A Covert Dating Red Flag In Men: Their Working Morale Leaves A Lot To Be Desired

A hidden dating warning sign: A man is being lazy at the workplace with legs on the table eating chips.

You may find this to be one of the red flags in men that you do not have immediate exposure to. Someone who is not very committed to their job may have similar problems if they act distant in your relationship. Instead of being honest and withdrawing from the relationship, they may just let things slide.

10 – He Seems Resentful Of His Parents

For everything he wished or didn’t wish for, when he talks about the past, he sees his parents to blame. While most people disagree with their parents, in most cases maintain a certain sense of respect towards them. Since you don’t know if his parents were abusive, you may feel insecure when he speaks disparagingly about them.

11 – Another Dangerous Dating Red Flag In Men: The Saint And The Devil

This dating caution sign may not be so easy to spot at first glance because it gives the benefit of the doubt. Was he very mean and dismissive to you at times, and as sweet as candy right after? This is one of the most dangerous red flags in men, pointing to a person’s unpredictability. It can reveal a taste of a potential for violence.

12 – Different As Day And Night: One Is An Early Bird While The Other Is An All-Nighter

Time to wake up. A bearded man lay in bed with alarm clock. Not suitable for dating partners who love to sleep longer.

Finding the right time and mood to do things together can be a challenge if you both have different daily rhythms. Generally, you will do better with a partner who gets up and goes to sleep at the same time of day as you.

13 – He Treats You Like His Ex-Partner

It is always worthwhile to investigate your partner’s love story. You may come across a few less pleasant sides that coincide with your own experience to some degree. Just as: he was a cheater before, he might be a cheater again.